Dispute Payment

Do you want to dispute any of the payments with your bank? Don’t worry, paymenthelp.org can do this for you!

It sometimes happens that customers genuinely don’t recognise the payments we hold on record.

It may be that a customer has simply forgotten, or has been signed up by someone else using their card details.

We do hold records of what seem like genuine payments from your card to Device Tracker Plus. However, if you’d like to dispute any of the payments, please complete the form below.

Please include as much information as you can. Disputes with genuine reasons have a high chance of receiving a refund and any refund will be issued much more quickly than any lengthy dispute process through your bank (if they offer one). We promise to get back to you with an answer within one working day.

In order to complete a dispute you need to provide a clear explanation for your reason for disputing. Please select one of the options from the drop down below and provide additional explanation of 30 words or more…